Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you ship?

Within the confines of Massachusetts law, I am only allowed to ship within our fine state.

2) Wait a minute... you totally shipped to my friend in NY...

If you know someone who received cookies from me out of state, they are probably my friend :) Winners of my Giveaways also get to have their cookies shipped.

3) What are my options?

Cookies generally come in three forms 1. Favors 2. Platters 3. Gift Boxes. I do have other fun and exciting packaging options like bouquets and other specialty containers available upon request and at random.

4)Can you break that down for me?

Sure! Here is a description of each: FAVOR- This is an individually wrapped cookie, tied with coordinating ribbon, intended to give out to each guest at your event. PLATTER- Large plates of cookies, all different shapes sizes and designs to put on display as a dessert at your event. Offered in a variety of sizes. GIFT BOX- Small, medium and large open windowed boxes designed to give as a gift. Usually highly detailed.

5) How does pricing work?

Pricing depends on a number of factors including the size, shape and amount of detail on a cookie.

6) How long do they take you to make?

Forever. They are each made to order, from scratch, by hand. It’s impossible to give an exact number to the time that goes into each set, but even the simplest cookies take hours to create.

7) They’re so pretty, so they must taste terrible.. right?

Wrong! They’re so good I can’t even explain it! Everything is made fresh to order with high quality ingredients. You won’t want to eat them, but you’ll be so glad when you do.

8) Are these Vegan, Gluten free or Organic?

These cookies are so non-vegan that you could practically find them in the dairy aisle. Since so many of the ingredients are dairy based, I have not been able to create a tasty vegan alternative.. yet. I do not offer a gluten free alternative, but I am open to learning! I use organic dairy products in my cookies, but the dry ingredients are standard. If you would like your order to be made with organic ingredients, please let me know and I am happy to accommodate. The food coloring is not organic.

9) My child has allergies, what are the ingredients?

Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla. *some icing contains food coloring. Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions.

10) Do you have a catalog?

Since all orders are custom, I do not have an official catalog to order from. To see previous work, browse the gallery on this website or follow my work on facebook and Instagram.


Thank you for your interest in my cookie art. I look forward to creating something beautiful and unique for your next occasion or event.

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